2000w Pure Sine Inverter

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  • Model#: SLR-200-PR-SN
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This 2000 watt 12 volt high frequency inverter provides reliable transformation of DC power from a 12V battery, into AC power that can then be used to run lights, computers, printers, televisions, CPAP medical equipment etc.

With the characteristics of high efficiency and reliability, compact design and easy installation, this high frequency is applicable to distribute power generation system.

When it comes to selecting an inverter it’s helpful to know that the SolarGeni 5s series high frequency inverter represents the most technologically advanced inverters on the market. We have consistently delivered the broadest range of sizes to accommodate almost every power requirement.
Advantages of this 2KW high frequency inverter include:
Equipment runs more efficiently Motors run cooler Cleaner power
The SolarGeni 2kw 5s is the best choice for off grid living, using power tools, computers, microwaves, variable speed motors, TV’s, small air conditioners, and small fans when without power or living off the grid.

The SolarGeni Power Inverters are the worlds first to be able to run off of both lithium, as well as LifePO4 batteries. To select the right inverter first determine what devices you would need to run during a power outage. Then select the appropriate inverter that can carry the combined wattage requirements of these devices. SolarGeni Power Inverters range from 600 watts up to 4000 watts – more than enough to power nearly every household application.

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