• 24v 20ah LifePO4 Battery Pack

24v 20ah LifePO4 Battery Pack

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24v 20 amp hour LifePO4 Battery Pack made with Headway 38120s 10ah 100amp 2p8S Battery Cells
Nominal Voltage - 25.6
Charge Voltage - 29.2
38120S 10Ah 10C LiFePO4 Cylindrical Battery Cells with screws
Nominal Capacity: 10000mAh
Rated voltage 3.2V
Energy density (Wh/kg) 105
Internal Resistance ≤4mΩ
Charge (CC-CV) Charged with constant current to 3.65v and then charged with constant voltage to 0.1-0.2A
Charge (float) ≤3.6V
Max. charging current 3C(30A)
Standard. charging voltage 3.65±0.05V
Recommended  charging current 0.5C,5A
Max. continuous discharging current 3C (30A)-10C(100A)
Max.pulse discharging current(30seconds)  15C(150A)
Recommended discharging current 1C(10A)
Max. End-off  discharged voltage 2.0V
Self-discharge rate (monthly) 2-3%
Dimensions (mm) Diameter: 38±1
Height: 132±1
Weight (Approx.) 350g
Working temperature
Charging 0~45℃
Discharging -20~65℃
Storage temperature
In one month -20~45℃
In six months -20~35℃
Chemical LiFePO4

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