LCD Remote for Inverter Charger

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  • Model#: LCD-Remote
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  • Weight: 3.00lb
  • Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 3 in

This Remote On/Off Switch with LCD Monitoring Screen works with Solargeni Power Any Power Combi, PSW7, High Power Solargeni inverter chargers with a RJ45 LCD remote port.
It is built with a three position on and off switch, a LCD display and a press bottom.
The three position on and off switch will power the inverter off or power it on ( at power saver on or power saver off mode).
The LCD displays inverter status including
Battery Voltage
AC input Voltage
AC Output Voltage
AC Input and Output Frequency
Load Percentage Monitoring
Inverter Alarms & Faults

The LCD screen to automatically go dim in a few seconds after the switch is operated, saving about 0.1A current draw on the battery bank.
The press bottom will allow the user to wake up the screen.
This LCD panel is flush mountable, it support flush mount to surfaces like walls.
One most sought-after feature of the LCD remote is the compatibility with SNMP card for remote monitoring of the inverter status on the internet.

Connection CAT-7 Cable Length: 33 foot/ 10m
Size(L x W x H):8″x4″x2.5″/20*10*5CM

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