• 12v 96ah amp hour LifePO4 Battery Pack HP

12v 96ah amp hour LifePO4 Battery Pack HP

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  • Model#: 12V-100-AMP-HR-Hp
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  • Weight: 50.00lb
  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 12 in
12v 96 amp hour LifePO4 Battery Pack made with Headway 38120hp Battery Cells (red ones not blue). This is a 12p4s battery, it will be 48 HP cells wrapped in shrink wrap. It will not look like a common lead acid battery for an automobile. No BMS installed. For high output. Great for car audio and high power EV.

Model 38120HP
Nominal capacity 8000mAh (0.5c)
Nominal voltage 3.2V
Battery internal resistance ≤5mΩ
Maximum charge current 5C(40A)
Maximum charge voltage 3.65±0.05V
Maximum continuous discharge current 20C(160A)
Maximum discharge current 25C(200A)
Cut-off discharge voltage 2.0V
Maximum dimensions
Size Diameter 38±1mm
Height 122 ±1mm (132±1mm)
Weight About 300g
Operating temperature
Charge 0~45℃
Discharge -20~60℃
Storage temperature In one month -20~45℃
In 6 months -20~35℃
All batteries come with corresponding number of straps / holders
* All Items are non refundable

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