• SolarGeni 3000 Watt Portable Solar Generator

SolarGeni 3000 Watt Portable Solar Generator

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All Generators will take 60-90 days to ship out due to so many orders.

The SolarGeni 3000 can power an amazing list of electronic products with a pure sine wave computer and television safe inverter. The inverter we use has the cleanest AC power and is not only comparable, but also as reliable as the grid power coming into your home or office. Use it for off grid living, emergency power back up, tailgating, camping or whatever your power needs might be. You can easily power your refrigerator, freezer, microwave, fans, tv's, computers, phones, tablets AC or DC lights etc. The list goes on but rest assured that the SolarGeni 3000 is an EXTREME power supply for your everday power needs.
It will power most all USB powered products up to 3a each and has the ability to charge up to 10a simultaneously. With onboard QI 3.0 USB chargers it's ready for the latest smart phone and biggest power hungry tablets out there today.
On the AC side of the SolarGeni 3000 it has 6 AC outlets and a 30a RV outlet, or a 30a 3 prong twist lock outlet (your choice on 30a outlet). This will provide a way to plug in up to 6 products directly to the 120v ac outlets. An optional extension cord can also be plugged or wired directly into your home or offices grid tied AC electrical panel (electrician is recommended for this). By connecting to the main grid you can power almost every 120v light and or appliance in your home or office with ease.
The SolarGeni 3000 has enough power to run a small window or portable air conditioner, and even a 120v mini split A/C, while being gentle enough to power your most sensitive high end electronics. CPAP machines will run all night without any worries of battery drainage.
Our battery module is made from one of the best and safest Lifepo4 cells in the world! We use Headway 38120s 10ah, 100a, 200a peak continuous disharge cylindrical LifePo4 cells that are much less volatile than standard lithium polymer batteries found in most all other portable solar generators and electronics today. Our other Lithium battery based SolarGeni portable solar generators use an extremely more powerful and safer 18650 battery cell, which have a better safety rating than all those other portable solar generators on the current market. In our Lithium SolarGeni's we use ONLY tried, true and proven Authentic SAMSUNG 25R, 4.2v,  2.5ah (2500mah) 25a continuous discharge 18650 battery cells for our Lithium battery modules. Much better rated battery than that of whats found to power the Tesla automobiles.

This SolarGeni 3000 Portable Solar Generator comes equipped with:  

A Pure Sine Wave 3000 watt peak surge, 1500 watt continuous Pure Sine Wave power inverter. Strongest on the market today!  
(1) Internal 100 amp hour LifePo4 or Lithium battery manufactured from Headway 38120s LFP cells or Samsung 25r 18650 cells with BMS  
(1) 100w 12v-24v 10a plug and play Solar Charge Controller  
(1) 5a AC charger and AC power cord  
(1) Inverter remote switch (front panel)  
(1) LCD remote display  
(6) 120v AC outlets   
(1) 30a 3 prong 125v twist lock outlet or a 30a RV outlet  
(1) 3.0 High output 5v 3a USB outlets  
(1) USB C High Output outlet  
(2) 5v 2.1a USB outlets  
(1) 12v Cigarette Lighter outlet
(1) Volt meter  
(1) Master DC shut off switch (DC side of box)  
(1) Positive and negative external battery connection  
(1) Main DC switch for all DC components, Solar Charger Controller and AC Charger  
(2) Thermal push button circuit breakers.  
(2) External Battery Posts for connecting additional batteries.   
Inputs: solar, AC/DC

Additional Options and Add Ons:  

1. (1) additional 50ah internal battery (we can add more internal batteries but case size will need upgraded min. $200 charge for bigger case to house bigger internal battery max internal battery size is 200ah.

2.  Solar controller upgrade to 100v 20a or 30a solar controller. ( Smart solar controller works with smart phone and app available for Apple or Android)

3. Upgrade from 5a 120v AC charger to a 20a or 25a 120v AC charger

This doesn't include extra shipping charges if any and is advised to add insurance to the shipment of around $50-$100 This depends on the shipping companies pricing at the time of package size and weight used. 

* Product design may vary in size, shape, color, and other characteristics than currently shown in pictures or advertised. This is  subject to change without notice at anytime before, during or after your purchase. This can depend on part sourcing issues etc.  

* All portable solar generators subject to 60-90 days to ship currently from time of confirmed paid order.  

* Lifetime Warranty Limited to case/s, craftsmanship, and all wiring provided by SolarGeni. Internal electronic components not made or manufactured by SolarGeni carry their own manufacturers specific warranty Generally 3-5yrs. 

* All Items are non refundable, but can be exchanged for an upgraded SolarGeni model if customer would like a more powerful SolarGeni or one with a bigger AH battery rating. This can be done only if original SolarGeni is unused with original packaging and all shipping costs for shipping original purchase back to us and shipping the new unit to customer is the buyers additional costs for said upgrade and all shipping costs and expenses.
SolarGeni Portable Generators are high volatge devices and should be treated and used as such! Opening up the case or altering the unit and or any of it's components in anyway voids all warranties either written or implied. All repairs should be done by a licensed and qualified technician and or certified electrician. 
SolarGeni Portable Generators are NOT water proof or water/liquid resistant and therefore should NEVER be left outside uncovered, or unattended at any time in a location where water, rain, or liquids could come into contact with the unit in any way, shape, or form! This portable solar generator has a high voltage and high amperage AC and DC current output just like what you would and can find in a common household's or office's 120v outlets and should be treated and used as such, and in the same manner as you would use the outlets found in the home, office or work place. Please supervise all small children while using the SolarGeni products the same as you would at home. There is enough stored energy in the internal AC/DC inverter and battery pack to harm, burn, electrocute, or even kill humans and or animals if used in a manner other than described. PLEASE use with care, common sense, and safety, as one would use with any electrical device or power generating device.

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